Besides the infamous Football Tournament, there will be some more….

Thursday 26.07.2018:

16:00h: BBQ & Beer

19:30h: Soccer game: TSV Dünsbach  vs. Sportfreunde Schwäbisch Hall

22:30: Team Draw – Who will play against whom?

Who is partying with us this year?

DJ’s  (Club): Best Blend by Micha und Udo   (ICE)


Friday 27.07.2018:


founded 2005 in Stuttgart, Germany, in the classical line-up, guitar, bass,
drums, vocals, the preferences for punk and hardcore played a big role.
Back in the days the whole thing was called advanced hardcore.
The claim was not to be mass compatible even in this subculture!
In the course of the years and changing bass players, a clear influence of metal was recognizable. Today the musicians of NANA themselves say it is a crossover between hardcore and metal.
With their socially critical and apocalyptic lyrics, NANA are an uncompromising band, loud, crisp, honest and a real treat.



German/Belgian metal, is that even possible?

In any case, we are convinced that the listener will be convinced too!

We’ll see!

But in any case:

The main thing is the hairstyle is right!


DJ’s (Club):    Bibbe und Clemens


Saturday 28.08.2018:

Putte und Edgar

There’s two of them. They’re loud. They got the beat.

Everything is improvised and there are no rules. Tough breaks, bold rhythms, trashy guitars and massive electric basses. A sound bomb that will take everyone with it. Because the goal is clear: The hut must wriggle!


Der alte Mann raucht

„We make PunkRock, because …“




DJ’s (Club):   Flo (ASV) (Tiger Ralle/Berlin)

Krausnick  (Konstanz)


Irie Sunday 29.09.2018:

DJ’s  (Club):      Jah Schulz     (Live Dub Act)

Tobsen Irie     (Roots)

Redrum, Nappyhead & PENG (DUB-WARS/Stuttgart)


Stay tuned for updates…