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Dünsbach logistics

We are grateful to host you with the great support of the TSV Dünbach. Please respect the location and the people by doing your best to stay within boundaries and give us a hand to keep the ground clean. Enjoy your stay at Dünsbach where the horsemen run without head!
Stage (closing at 01.00 AM), Disco (05.00AM), Food (served approx.13h-15h & 19h-21h), BBQ/
Sandwiches al gusto


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Football rules

Men 11 a side / women 6 or 7 a side
Rolling substitutions possible
Group games on friday and saturday
Play off games for every(!) team on sunday
If two teams have the same number of points their
positions will be decided by the following criteria:
1. goal difference
2. goals scored
3. the result of the match between the two teams
We will have plain old penalties if a play off game is
not decided after extra time

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Special Notice

I found some „Special Notice“ in several old programmes from the Tounaments (and copied a few lines), which really „hit the pip“ (mean the essence) as the Germans say.

The residents of Dünsbach and in particular the TSV Dünsbach (Sports Club) have been really helpful in allowing this tournament to go ahead. Please respect them and the village.

Do not light any fires in the open, there will be a fire pit for all to use.
Dogs are welcome but must be kept a lead all times and any mess cleaned up immediately and
disposed of responsibility. They are discouraged around the catering facility.

No vehicles in the campsite (for tents). Please keep all cars in the car park – camping is very close.
We have recycling points across the site for all your rubbish. No excuse people...

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Dünsbach at night

Well out in the fields there is not much to do, you think?! Wrong!
We have gathered some of the finest local bands and DJs to keep you distracted
during the time no match is on. Since there is no action on the pitch at night, we are
forced to spend some time at the several bars that were installed for treasure hunting.
May it be in terms of exchanging the latest tactics, listening to music or just dancing.

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Beware Of The Headless Horseman – Obacht vor dem kopflosen Reiter


Der Bühler Reiter

Ritter mit Armbrust auf der Jagd,
glücklos und deshalb verstimmt.
Zielt auf ein Steinkreuz, wutentbrannt,
der Pfeil prallt ab und nimmt,

nicht nur des Ritters Leben,
nicht nur des Ritters Leben.

Er trennt auch dessen Kopf samt Helm
mit einem Schnitt vom Leibe
der Schädel fällt ihm in den Schoß,
am Fuße einer Eibe,

er greift danach und
reitet dann
auf ewig

So könnt’s gewesen sein,
das klingt plausibel.
So könnt’s gewesen sein,
das klingt gut.

Ihm wird schnell klar dass ohne Kopf
er Aufsehen erregt,
beschließt deshalb, dass nur des nachts
er sich im Wald bewegt.

So könnt’s gewesen sein,
doch doch plausibel.
So könnt’s gewesen sein,
das klingt gut.

Seit diesem Tag im Mittelalter
ist nachts im Bühler Wald,
der Ritter ohne Kopf mit Helm
die schaurig...

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